July 28, 2014


I’ve been so fascinated by this house. It’s a guest house, designed by Poteet Architects from San Antonio, Texas. It has a porch, and rooftop garden, and just seems so beautifully done. Unfortunately, there’s only one picture of the bathroom, or whatever else hides in the left side of the container. The picture of the toilet suggests that there is still about 3-4 meters of container space to the left of it (assuming that’s the ceiling window), so there could be a bedroom hiding there. The sink in the livingroom is probably belongs to the bathroom, but that could be a good spot for a tiny kitchen as well.

Either way, over at poteet architects, there’s a few more pictures, and if you know anything else about this place, please let me know.


Photo by Alex Ozers. Tattoo by Johnny Jinx at Broken Clover in Tucson


Stunning Images Show Life: Magnified exhibition by as Much as 50,000 Times

If you find yourself in Virginia’s Dulles International Airport through November of this year, you might see the exhibition Life: Magnified on the walls. It features scientific images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times.

  1. Anglerfish Ovary Cross-Section
  2. Relapsing Fever Bacterium (Gray) on Red Blood Cells
  3. Mouth Parts of a Lone Star Tick
  4. Gecko lizard toe hairs inspired the design of medical adhesives
  5. An insect tracheal cell (green) delivers air to muscles (red)
  6. Zebrafish embryo
  7. A Mammalian Eye Has Approximately 70 Different Cell Types
  8. Human Liver Cell (Hepatocyte)
  9. Developing Zebrafish Fin
  10. Human blood with red blood cells, T cells (orange) and platelets (green)


Photo of the Day: Fishing by Lamplight

Photo by Khalid Rayhan Shawon (Dhaka, Bangladesh); Sunamganj, Bangladesh


Weird Orbits of Alien Planets May Be Due to Twin Stars

Some of the oddly skewed orbits of many alien worlds may be due to the twin stars they are often found circling, a new study suggests.

In our solar system, the orbits of most planets are nearly circular, orbiting the sun’s equator. However, many of the exoplanets astronomers have discovered in the past two decades or so have mysteriously skewed orbits. They may be eccentric — that is, oval-shaped. They could also be inclined — tilted at an angle from the equators of their stars.

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